Aline Veillat was born in the Réunion island, Indian Ocean, and grew up till her last teenage years in Rabat, Morocco. Later she lived in Paris, France and Lausanne, Switzerland and since many years she works as an artist and lives in Basel, Switzerland. She is as well an independent researcher and she currently leads an art&sciences research project at IMéRA foundation for advanced studies Marseille, France, in close collaboration with scientists; she also takes part in the CCC seminar, HEAD Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland. She holds MA and PhD degrees in Aesthetic, Sciences and Technologies of Arts from Paris 8 University, France, and Post-Diploma in Digital Media from ECAL Lausanne Cantonal Art School, Switzerland.

Artist Statement
At the origin of each project, questions lead me at first to search through readings, thinking, observations, exchange with expert and analysis of all kinds (mainly in humanities, sciences and art). These questions generally evolve around two main themes: on one hand, our relationship to nature, going from environmental issues to questions about the Landscape concept; on the other hand, the way we interact with today news of the world, in a more anthropological and social approach. Furthermore, I am particularly sensitive to different worldviews varying from culture to culture; indeed new ways of thinking throw the whole thing back into question to become the driving forces that lead to new projects.

The form of a work is not clear at the beginning of the working process, although many works are installations. It results from the research process. Thus I use among other plants, watercolor, photography, video or audio and many work use interactive digital media. In fact, I try to work with the most appropriate media for the core issues of each project. In addition object or medium is also chosen for its metaphorical and symbolic contribution.

An implicit narrative dimension underlies my works, and remains enigmatic. Moreover, when the work lends itself well to it, I am particularly interested in works with none completely predictable or under controlled evolution: plants connected to robots and sensors to move, living compost worms at work to create sound, soil and landscape, or living papyrus to filter the world rumors thanks to their electrical flux.

More generally, I am concerned that my work raises questions without necessarily giving answers. In that sense titles and language in which they are written, can provide keys for the appreciation of the works and their context.


Exhibitions (selection)
to come 2017
/ Kunstraum Baden, CH, collective exhibition Vantages Points
/ IMéRA, Institut for Advanced Research Studies, Aix-Marseille University, FR, several interventions Thinking from the bottom up, when the soil yields its secrets
/ NMPRAC | National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, Chicago, USA,collective exhibition Poetic Science, El Yunque
/ Stadionbrache Hardturm Zürich, CH, collective exhibition Living Room
/ ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, DE, collective exhibition GLOBALE|Exo-Evolution
/ Kunsthalle/Filature, Mulhouse, FR, collective exhibition Flumen/Linea
/ Locus Sonus, Aix en Provence, FR, Sound Mobility symposium and presentation of mock-up
/ Museum of Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto-Rico, collective exhibition Poetic science
/ BYOB, Oslo Night, Basel Dreispitz, CH, collective happening with video projections
/ WRO art center, Wroclaw, PL, Media-Art Biennale 2013, collective exhibition
/ Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel, CH, collective exhibition Hiden/Obvious
/ Zebrastraat center, Ghent, BE, Biennale Update_4, international collective exhibition
/ Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel, CH, collective exhibition Von Tieren, Elektronen und anderen Lügen
/ Wäscherei Kunsverein, Zürich, CH, solo happening Guerrilla Gardening 2.0
/ Galerie More Funner Projects, Miami, USA, collective exhibition Milking the void
/ Projektraum Dreispitz, Basel, CH, collective exhibition Going Places
/ Stadtgalerie, Bern, CH, collective exhibition with Artists-in-labs, Shanshui both ways (version2)
/ Galerie Around-Space, Shanghai, CN, collective exhibition Shanshui both ways (version1)
/ Shanghai Subway central station, CN, collective exhibition Invisible city
/ Kunsthalle Baselland, CH, collective exhibition Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt
/ Kunsthalle Baselland, CH, collective exhibition Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt
/ Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, CH, solo exhibition Là-bas est ton ici et là-bas sera ici

International Residencies and Nomination
/ Research residency in the rain forest with scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Forestry, 1 month Puerto-Rico Island, USA
/ Nomination for the interactive installation Pas de deux en vert et contre (version 1), New Technological Art Award 2012, Foundation Liedts-Meesen, Gent, BE
/ Program of international exchange and studios Fonderie Darling/Basel city, 6 months Montréal, CA
/ Program of residency China/Swiss Exchange Artists-in-Labs, 5 months Chengdu, CN

/ Grant for research project Art&Sciences, IMéRA Foundation, FR
/ Support for exhibition Basel Town county, CH
/ Support for exhibition Pro-Helvétia, CH
/ Grant for artistic production Basel Town county, CH
/ Grant for artistic production Basel Land county, CH
/ Grant for artistic production Basel Town county, CH
/ Grant for artistic production Basel Land county, CH
/ Grant Sitemapping for new-media project Site-mapping OFC/BAK, CH
/ Grant iaab, Christoph Merian Foundation Basel, exchange residency program, CH
/ Grant Pro-Helvétia China/Swiss Exchange AIL, CH

/ Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel, CH
/ Rubell Family Collection, USA

EHESS Norbert Elias Center, Aix-Marseille University (FR); several presentations in different context at IMéRA Institut for Advanced Studies, Aix-Marseille University (FR); Symposium LocusSonus Aix en Provence University (FR); International Institute of Tropical Forestery (Puerto-Rico); Museum of Contemporary Art (Puerto-Rico); Alliance Française (Puerto-Rico); Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment Chengdu (CN); Basel School of
Art HGK (CH); School of Architecture (FHAA) Brugg (CH); Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH
Zürich (CH); Multimedia Workshop, Monaco Dance Forum; University of Sussex, Robotic (UK);
Space&Art workshop,Noordwijk (NL)

2015, Augmented Topography by Sound? in WI Journal of Mobile Media, 2015: Vol. 9 No. 2. Audio Mobility, – key words: mobile-smart-device, landscape, cultural perceptive schema, topokinesthetic memory
2004, Espace-milieu, or how gravity leads to artistic hypotheses as to the creation of a particular digital space in Olat’s online publication – key words: