Guerrilla Gardening 2.0

Happening to initiate the invasion of Web 2.0 by plants via the most famous social media! Journey full of traps, quite vain and ironical action!

In the foreground of the picture, plants waiting for visitors’ help to access to the web 2.0 via the Internet terminal in the “cabin” on the back. On the right, table and chair where visitors can sit to add their “green fingerprint” as the signature of a commitment contract for helping a plant to have an active life on the Web 2.0.

This project starts as a response to Facebook sign-in rules, extremely draconian rather sectarian. Furthermore numerous “animal” profiles exist on the social-media but while plants are primordial in the living chain, no “plant” profile can be found!

Material: several take away little pot-plants, pot-plants as scenery, computers, web page, green stamp ink, printed contract forms, table, chairs – adaptable dimension