Penser de bas en haut, quand le sol prend la parole

SOIL – Humain / Non-Humain, network of agencies
Grant IMéRA 2016-17 Institute of Advanced Studies University Aix-Marseille
mix-media Art&Pedology&Anthropology

Research in progress
Soil as living organism. Human / Non-human dialogue? Anthropocene Era. Research. Visual Art, Sciences of Ecology and Environment, Social and Cultural Anthropology

My main starting questions are about how to consider the soil as a living artefact, and, how the notion of non-human being can bring new ways to engage with the soil ? I can add, to give a larger picture of my practice, that the question of landscape – i.e. westerner meaning and perceptive schema – is always in the background of my artistic approach.
To be more precise, I attempt through this research to reveal the soil as a non-human “living being”, primary and essential for life on earth. I. e. to reveal it as a network of interactions between organic and inorganic agencies, world transformers and sign producers. Moreover, considering the soil can lead me to consider the exchanges with the upper layers, passing through the roots, the networks of mycorrhizae, going towards the plants and up to the clouds (since we find soil organisms in the clouds).
The form of restitution of research as discursive is always a possibility. In addition to that I plan to create artifacts in the more classical sense of the word, mainly through the re-enactment of scientific experiment as a Darwin ones with earthworms.

First steps of the research: several interventions as talks/dialogues and performances.
Les vers rodent la nuit et autres triangles de papier, IMéRA
A hauteur du sol, EHESS
Poetico-philosophical with creative hypotheses.

Les vers rodent la nuit et autres triangles de papier - conference/performance mix media in collaboration with The Fine Art Collection Collective and Hugo Almeida, + the public - 2017