No hearts carved on tree trunks

Text and photographic quatrain poem composed with digitally manipulated photographs: Shanghai, a world in disappearance versus a wild speed constantly evolving world; men and women with slow tempo, deeply human, are torn between the two. Like puppets, men and women don’t feel the master of their life.

A text can go with the photographs -written while working on these photographs-.
Excerpt from text :

Time is running, I should go on!
Just around the corner there are very high and large buildings, up to date, very new. Where is the life? Organised in the vertical, every man for himself in a little but nice and new box: hidden lifes? But it’s green all around! With old trees…finally traces of history… But the park is new, very new! What does it means to be old for a tree? Who has any souvenir playing under the tree? No love romance with heart carved on the trunk of the tree? Does it help to live to have such trees around? Is that real, is that fake?

Time is running, I should go on!

Material: photographies pigment colour print under plexi – 100cm x 50cm each

Shanghai, subway station, 2010