Pas de deux en vert et contre

Living plants and robotic, an autonomous and interactive installation: Graminae plants and their clods of earth creates a slow-moving landscape, imaginary choreography and hesitant ballet, to question our present world and reconsider our imagination of the future – plants move by themselves at a visible speed, according to their needs and desires, thanks to robotic prosthesis. They react and interact with visitors and the environment.
What would have been and what would be the world if plants could walk? Would it change how we relate to them? Would Human – who stop being hunter and gatherer to grow graminae at the neolithic – still be nomadic? What would be the Landscape notion? – tribute to S.J.Gould –

Nominated for the New Technological Art Award 2012, Fondation Liedts-Meesen, Gent BE
Granted by Sitemapping 2010, Swiss Federal Culture Office, CH
Canton of Basel-Stadt 2012, CH
Canton of Basel-Landschaft 2012, CH

Collaboration with:
Robotic for plant-robot, Prototypes: Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) ETHZ (Pr. Roland Siegwart and his team)
Environment/Plant Physiology: Department of Environmental Sciences ETHZ (Dr. Sebastian Leuzinger)
Prototypes: 4 Plants-robots + Set up annex: iart ag, BS
Prototypes + Design plant structure + fountain: design agency FULGURO Lausanne

ZKM Karlsruhe, DE, GLOBALE Exo-Evolution
HEK, Basel, CH, Eco-Visionaries

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, DE, GLOBALE|Exo-Evolution 2015-16
New-Technological Art Award 2012, Zebrastraat center, Ghent, BE, Biennale Update_4
"Pas de deux en vert et contre", Graminae plants look for light, water, recognize other plants, search for quieter place, and dance a pas de deux with visitors approaching.